Prof. Dr. İhsan Bakır


Inappropriate use of antibiotics can kill patients within the risk group.
Experts draw attention to the hidden threat behind antibiotic group of “fluoroquinolone” which is commonly used in the treatment of urinary tract infections and lower respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia.

Some antibiotics used without doctor supervision and testing may become fatal in patients at risk. According to the warning by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “fluoroquinolone” group drugs should be used very carefully even under doctor supervision because they may cause aortic ruptures which can be fatal. From İstanbul University (İU) Faculty of Medicine, cardiovascular surgeon Prof. İhsan Bakır, M.D. says, “Physicians, especially family physicians or emergency physicians should perform an antibiogram test on the patient with infection before starting antibiotics and prescribe antibiotics accordingly.”
Publishing a warning ob the subject for patients and healthcare professionals in recent months, FDA stated that the use of “fluoroquinolone” which is commonly used in the treatment of urinary tract infections and lower respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia should be restricted in patients at risk and that other drugs should be preferred if possible. Because such drugs cause a change in the DNA of smooth muscle cells and damage these cells. Therefore this can cause thinning, aneurysm or even ruptures in aortas, leading to fatal hemorrhage.

“A tear-like pain”
Even though aortic aneurysm ruptures are observed in 5 in every 100 thousand people, that is, rarely, 40 percent of these cases unfortunately end up with death before arrival at hospital. 50 percent of patients that could be taken to hospital are lost in the first 48 hours. Mentioning that it is two times more prevalent in males than in females, Prof. İhsan Bakır, M.D. says, “Acute (suddenly developed) patient group is usually composed of 50-55-years-old individuals. Heart failure findings are accompanied by chest pain and severe back pain. Patients generally consult with the complaint ‘I have a very strong, tear-like pain’.”
‘It must be taken seriously ‘
Prof. İhsan Bakır, M.D. says that this warning published by FDA must be taken very seriously both for patients and healthcare professionals. Pointing out that unconscious or uncontrolled use of antibiotics is already a dangerous situation as it causes resistant infections and increased antibiotic resistance in society, Bakır adds, “While information on that it can cause aortic aneurysm and ruptures, it must be taken seriously for its fatal risks.”


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